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Ben and Holly

Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. The fairy princess Holly lives in a castle in the forest with her family, the fairy king Auricle ( King Thistle), the queen and the young twin sisters. Fairies are very small, have wings to fly, and – with the help of their magic wand – they can do magic. Nanny Plum takes care of housekeeping in the castle and of raising children. Holly’s best friend is the elf boy Ben. Like all elves, he lives in a hollow tree. Elves have pointed ears, are hardworking workers and, for example, make the gifts that Santa Claus distributes. The leader of the elves is the wise old elf, he leads the rescue team, the library and the factory. Ben and Holly often play with Gaston, a ladybug who acts like a dog and likes everything that smells and dirty. Ben and Holly go on trips, picnics, or do nonsense. Nanny Plum often has mishaps while doing magic, for example she regularly causes a jelly flood with her magical picnic basket that simply produces way too much jelly.